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Offers key options with each article on their blog there’s an image the title a short. Description highlighting the benefit of the content and a CTA button to read more. Papal This email from PayPal is not a newsletter because it is not sent periodically. But it is still an example of an informative email. Its purpose is to explain to the user about an application function that the user may not. Know about and educate the lead about the product. The three examples although different have three things in common educate. The reader with quality content have a CTA button do not make an offer.

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Unlike the welcome model relational email does not have a well-defined structure. But the important thing is that you pay attention to these three points. Special email template You’ve probably receivd Turkmenistan Email List at least one happy birthday Offers key options with email from a business you own or were in a relationship with. Some just send a message congratulating you and wishing you good things while other brands choose to offer discount coupons or some special offer for the commemorative date. The fact is that there is no rule that says it has to be one way or another.

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The important thing is that this email always uses a Offers key options with commemorative date birthday mother’s day Christmas New Year as a pretext to communicate with the client or potential client. This can be done through Phone Lead a simple message like this one from the American brewery Harpoon Or a more elaborate offering like this example from Chanel Regardless of whether you are opting for the simplest or the most elaborate this email template has a very similar structure in both cases Title with reference to commemorative date A congratulatory message And a call to action if you make an offer.

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