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Subscribers When the visitor for some reason decides to subscribe to your site through a newsletter or notification activation for example he becomes a subscriber or subscriber. Despite being very similar The function of creating to a lead the difference is that at first the subscriber still does not know that he has a problem and needs a solution. Therefore he does not interact so deeply with his business to the point of leaving more data in exchange for rich material for example. But their level of interest and relationship with the business is much higher than that of a visitor as they will come to your site more often. So subscribers are consider potential leads.

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That is they are close to becoming leads just a little push away!. Leads vs. Customers As you already know a lead is that user who has shown a little more interest in your business and is willing to The function of creating leave contact Qatar Email List information in exchange for offers and valuable materials. Following the logic we demonstrate the subscriber who stops revisiting your website and downloads an e-book or watches webinars for example becomes a lead. But it’s important to know that a visitor can also become a subscriber and direct lead if he interacts deeper with the business right away. And the customer is the one who has already made the purchase.

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That is that lead that was converted. As long as the user does not generate money for the business but is following and consuming content he is consider a lead. Only after the monetary transaction Phone Lead does he become a customer. Transforming the lead into a customer is the ultimate goal of this strategy which takes place through joint efforts between marketing and sales. How to generate leads? After this clarification you must be wondering But how to generate these precious leads?

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