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How to register There are dozens of strategies to get leads. But to make it easier let’s list the most common actions. blog Having a blog is one of the best ways to attract qualifid users and generate leads. In addition to disseminating relevant and SEO- optimize content it is important to include banners with CTAs in articles to download relevant materials. Here on our blog we usually insert CTAs for readers to access our educational materials or services. landing page The main tool for generating leads is without a doubt the landing page.

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On these capture pages users can exchange their contact information for rich material such as an e-book infographic video lesson or webinar registration. In general a landing page How to register has information Romania Email List about the material and a form that the user must fill out to access this content. Thus after the visitor provides the information and purchases the material the data is enter into your database and he becomes a lead then entering the sales funnel. Below you can see one of our landing pages where visitors can fill out a form to receive an e-book with tips for having a champion profile on Instagram. E-mail marketing.

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From the moment you have a more extensive contact base you can start using e-mail marketing as a tool for disseminating rich materials offers newsletters and news about your business. Besides How to register of course helping with a lead nurturing strategy. For good results experiment to define the best days and times for shooting. These details depend Phone Lead on your target audience’s online habits and behavior. In the example below you can see an automatic email trigged when a visitor registers to receive one of our rich materials. paid media When your channels such as blogs and social networks do not yet have as much traffic it is more difficult to capture leads organically. In that case it is perfectly possible to bet on ads to sped up the process at first.

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