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The content of the page is very simple a message that enrollment is currently colds and the option to register to receive notification when a new class opens. In addition they also offer rich material for people to consume while they do not have access to what they really want. B School landing page examples This is another example of a waiting list landing page. But unlike the previous one it contains an extra section with a link to case studies. This is a great idea to get your potential customers excite to wait for your product or service. impact millions landing page examples Lastly the Impact Millions page as an example because the creators of that page did a great job of aligning the promise with the visuals.

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This landing page offer is a free series of videos on how to be invite to participate in interviews podcasts magazines And they complemented this offer with images that evoke glamor and fame. That Nicaragua Email List is they go straight to the desire of those who would like to be invite to appear on a TV show. Which Landing Page examples work for me? Which type is best for my business? What works for one company may not work for another. Therefore before rolling up your sleeves and putting all these examples into practice it is important to define who your audience is and analyze it.

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Understand what kind of offer will go with what he is looking for and also how to communicate with him. It is possible to notice the difference between the landing page of Impact Millions which offers a series Phone Lead of videos on how to gain media attention and that of Muzzle which is an application for those who want to silence embarrassing notifications. If they trod to copy each other the result would probably not be good and it would not reach the objective of converting visitors into potential customers.

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