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Who is Atlassian that will open will provide information on how you can install this pixel on your website. You can use an integration install it manually or email installation instructions to a developer. If you dont have access to a programmer click Install code manually to follow the tips and place the Facebook pixel on your website: remarketing image indicating where to get the pixel code You will receive your pixel code which is what must be installe in the header of your website. remarketing image indicating where to insert the pixel code Copy this code and paste it on top of the <head tag which you can find by leftclicking on the first page of your site and selecting View Page Source.

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The <head tag will be one of Who is Atlassian the first lines of your source code. Be careful not to forget to copy any part of the pixel. Ready! Your remarketing pixel is already installed. Attention: if you are a Hotmart Monaco Email List Producer or Affiliate save the pixel identification number to integrate it with the platform. For this we suggest that you send it by email so you dont lose that number ok. Creating a Remarketing Campaign After installing the pixel its time to create your remarketing campaign.

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Creating a Facebook ad involves choosing a good image persuasive text and fully understanding the rules of the social network. If youve never create an ad before we recommend that you join Phone Lead Hotmart Academy Hotmarts free course and watch the video class where we explain stepbystep how to make a good ad. In this class you have the whole process to create your retargeting. Once you have the pixel create you can now create your remarketing campaigns. To do this create a campaign on Facebook and when defining the audience you must select the name of the pixel or list you want to interact with in Save Audience.

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