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You aware of Use structure markup best practices. Identify your opportunities for a feature snippet and optimize those pages that currently rank for a feature snippet opportunity. You won’t win them all, but if you take steps and use structure markup where applicable, Google will reward you. SEO + PPC Should Be Working Cohesively Be sure that your SEO and PPC teams are working closely together. The keyword and ranking data your SEO team has should be directly communicate to your PPC team, so you can bid on the highly relevant keyword/terms that you are not ranking in the top 3 positions for. The same can be said for the PPC team’s search term information.

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Any search terms that are identified as showing high intent should be investigate for organic opportunity. If you are not currently ranking organically for any of those search terms it could be a great opportunity to create new content to rank for those pages organically. As well as in the paid results. Dominating the SERP for high intent Dubai Phone Number List keywords helps to build brand authority and increases your chances of getting that conversion we all work so hard to get. B2B Marketing: Don’t Shy Away from Targeting Junior Positions When it comes to B2B and advertising on. LinkedIn, don’t shy away from targeting the junior positions with your advertising. Most people target manager or executive job titles as these are the decision makers.


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It’s great to target these professionals. However, in many cases, you are missing a key part of the decisions making process. The research phase. Often, the information gathering/research phase of the decision-making process (the grunt work) is done by someone in a junior role. Marketing yourself to the junior during their research phase can help Phone Lead you get shortlist when the information is present to the executive. You want to be on that shortlist! Voice Search is Here We knew it was coming, but now it is officially here, and we can’t ignore it. Voice search is becoming more and more important. This is no longer just searches for “gas station near me”, people of all ages are using voice to get things done.

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