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You can not generate pictures you will be much more open to send more communications and offers in order to convince him of the purchase in a strategic way. In other words you gain an additional opportunity to turn someone who was not prepare for the purchase into a future customer. In other words your conversion rate goes up with a simple change in marketing ploy. VIDEO How to analyze your campaigns and calculate your cost per lead? What is the difference between visitor subscriber lead and customer? So far we’ve talks about a lot of different terms besides lead and this might have confuse you a bit. These terms such as visitor subscriber lead and customer represent different phases of users interacting with your business.

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To help you better understand the differences between all of them let’s define each one below. But in addition to these we may also use many other terms from the digital market to talk about lead strategy. To stay Seychelles Email List on top of the terms we recommend that you also read our post with terms you need to know. Now let’s go to the most important definitions involving leads!. Visitors Visitor is the term use for people who access your site in a certain period of time but do not interact deeper with the business.

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Within the different stages of users that we explain they are the first. And although they are not so connect to the business it is important to take them into account as they influence the planning Phone Lead of the strategy. Google Analytics data shows interesting information about the visitors you receive such as age location device they use to access and others. Monitor the reports periodically. With this data you can extract important information about your target audience and devise strategies to turn them into leads.

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