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Ensure clean code to information from Facebook those who want. To advertise on business have the option to choose between a daily or lifetime budget. Which is an amount to be spent over the entire life of the ad set. In most cases the minimum amount you can spend per day varies between US and US If you are starting to advertise now we suggest that you start with smaller budgets and increase your investment as your campaign performs. In this way you avoid expenses not foreseen by your business plan.

How to conduct it correctly

Keep in mind that your budget chosen bid type and targeting will determine how many people will see your ad and therefore how many people will click on it. Therefore be careful to create attractive Morocco Email List advertising that at the same time is in line with your persona s interests agreed. In addition to the option to create your own ads you can boost an existing post. In this case the same precautions mentione above apply: when choosing posts to promote try to find a balance between your business objectives and the type of information that may be relevant to your audience. What are the ad formats allowe on business. As an image sharing platform business only allows certain ad formats.

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Rules for planning meetings

We talk about them below. Ads with photos business ad example with photos In this format you use just one image to tell a story about your company product or simply announce something new. To create Phone Lead photo ads your files must be in format. The advertiser is free to use both photos taken with DSLR cameras and those taken from the cell phone itself. There are no restrictions as long as the image is of good quality. About the features of the pictures: The image must be x pixels for square ads and x pixels in the landscape format the landscape format is the one with a rectangular layout whose width is greater than the height of the photo.

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