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If your logo is OK and works in black and white it means that it can be applies in any medium and color that may exist. Now its time to apply the colors. This can be a very personal question and will vary depending on the type of business market or product you intend to sell but one way to decide is to use color theory. When selecting your logo color or colors remember to write the code for each color to ensure its always the same. Be careful with the size It is important to always maintain the same proportion and size of your logo so as not to confuse the audience with different logos.

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Your logo should reflect your business and have meaning. As we mentione earlier your logo is a graphic representation of your business. Therefore it is important to choose colors elements and fonts that Dominica Email List identify with your business and have some meaning for your audience. Create a logo that transcends paper It is important that if you are about to start a digital business you create a logo capable of appearing on multiple devices and social media such as social networks.

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Try to make your logo work well on different platforms be flexible and dont risk becoming obsolete. Ask for help whenever you need it Making a logo for a new project is an important moment for any entrepreneur Phone Lead as it will be the face of the business. Therefore it is normal to feel a little insecure and indecisive when choosing the colors elements or fonts to place. So dont be afraid to ask someone to help you design your logo. A good idea is to make several logo templates and consult and rule out options or even make small changes. Now that you know how to create a logo start customizing your business.

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