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Write down these recommendations:. Keep It Simple The idea is that your logo is a graphic representation of your company. Therefore it is recommender to bet on the simple so that you can be easily identifies by your customers and the general public. Avoid making logos that are too elaborate with too many elements or different types of fonts as this can feel disorganized. Seek inspiration Having good references is essential to create an attractive logo. As a second recommendation we invite you to search and find inspiration everywhere before sitting down in front of your computer to create your logo. Look a little at the logos of all those brands that are leaders in the market.

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Research what your competitors logos are and what types of elements are use the most. In short find inspiration analyze the elements use the colors the combinations and try to make a unique logo that Congo Email List catches your audiences attention and above all that is memorable. Pay attention to the font There are many types of fonts you can use when creating your logo but some basic tips we can give you to choose a font that works for you are: Never use: Comic Sans Zappeion Papyrus Chiller and Monotype Cursive.

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These fonts make the letters very jumble and confusing. Not recommended: Arial Cooper Plate Myriad Impact. Some fonts that go great with logos are: Helvetica Beas Groesch Gotham Museo Railway Soho Robot Germanist Phone Lead Din Dobie Chunk Five Coocoos Future Alto. This type of font is clear and the written message will never raise doubts. Match colors properly Many entrepreneurs and even graphic designers have some doubts when selecting colors for a logo. We know that with such an extensive range available on the computer its normal to like them all. Therefore it is important that you first start with your logo in a monochrome version that is in black and white.

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