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Also limit the content of your page to one or two fonts at most as putting more than that not only increases the chances that it will not look good it also increases the page loading time. You can play with sizes colors respecting the rule of bold and italics to highlight and highlight specific elements without having to use a new font type. When creating landing page include social proof Have you ever searched for reviews read comments and ratings looked at how many people had already bought before deciding to buy something online? Nowadays it is not uncommon for people to seek more information about a particular product or service and opinions before deciding to open their wallet and swipe their card.

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This has to do mainly with the fear or apprehension of spending money on something that will not meet expectations and lead to disappointment. And let’s face it nobody likes to feel disappointed. Therefore Iraq Email List it is very important that your landing page has some element that serves to generate social proof. And the more effort energy or money your offer requires from the visitor the stronger the social proof must be. For example if you are offering a downloadable ebook a counter with X people have already downloaded this ebook might be enough to drive conversion.

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Now if you are using your landing page to sell a course that costs around thousand reais a counter of how many people have already signed up will probably not be enough. It’s better to put video Phone Lead testimonials from your students telling how the course transformed their lives. VIDEO How to create a good sales page? – part | Hotmart Tips. Use a countdown timer to increase the sense of urgency Have you noticed that on some websites to buy tickets for concerts and other events as soon as you enter the checkout stage you have about minutes to complete the form and an on-screen counter shows you how much time is left.

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