How to conduct an in-depth interview

The objective of this counter is to make you complete the action as quickly as possible. Not get distracted so as not to miss the minutes you have. That is it activates the mental triggers of urgency and scarcity in you. If used with integrity these triggers are one of the best ways to speed up the decision process. Consequently the conversion. That’s because they awaken people’s fear of losing that option. So they need to make a quick decision to guarantee what they want. If the offer on your landing page is only valid for a certain time and has an expiry date not only can you but you should put a countdown timer to show your visitors how much time they still have to decide.

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This makes them more likely to act faster rather than waiting to complete the conversion later. Don’t compromise on responsive design Nowadays smartphones are the main means of accessing the internet. This Ireland Email List means that if you design your landing pages thinking only about how they will look on a computer screen you are making a big mistake. If your page looks beautiful and wonderful on the computer arrows pointing to the form easy-to-click.

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CTA readable text But when you open it on your cell phone it becomes a disaster because the arrow no longer points in the direction of the form the CTA button is too small to be touched the font Phone Lead size is not suitable for reading All the work you’ve done putting the previous points into practice goes down the drain because the visitor will hardly complete the action. Therefore you cannot give up using responsive designs which are those that adapt properly to all screens and also testing your landing page on different devices before publishing and promoting it.

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