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The presence of confirm everything and your ad will be ready to be published! How to advertise on business Ads through the app Meanwhile some users may prefer to work directly through the app. In that case you dont have to worry as the mobile platform also offers several options for business accounts such as advertising on business Ads. Check out the step by step to advertise through the app:. Go to Promote First of all go to business and ensure that the business account is logge in. If everything is correct in your profile you will be able to see the button Promote next to the button Edit profile. business ads campaign by app It is in this section that you will be able to create and boost ads.

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Select a publication It is important to note that the platform only allows you to create and boost ads for publications already made. It could be a photo in the fee or a story for example. After entering Niue Email List Promote see active and inactive ads and publications available for optimization. Set the ad details This step is similar to creating Ads Manager campaigns. You will be able to choose the visual details of the ad as well as other components such as: campaign objectives; target Audience; locality; format and means of dissemination.

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This way your boost ad will be as complete as possible. Check all the data before clicking on Create ad as once done it is not possible to change the details. Finally your ad will be create and now available to publicize Phone Lead the selecte publication. Now you know how to advertise on business Ads through both available platforms and you will be able to optimize your campaigns and your business on social networks. How to track ad results Once the ad is live the last step of the process begins which is measuring the results.

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