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Talking Shrimp landing page examples The business/expert page builder template is a slightly more expensive product. That’s why this landing page doesn’t display a CTA right away for the purchase. First she talks about the importance of the about page on a website it connects with the user and the difficulty of developing the content in that section. Only after all this is done is a call to action made for the visitor to complete the purchase. And if he needs a little extra push after the first CTA there’s a section with social proof and another that again describes the entire offer breaking down what the potential customer will have access to.

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Shopify landing page examples shoplift offers software solutions for e-commerce and retail stores. Their landing page reinforces the platform’s reliability by stating that it is use by over a million Nigerian Email List businesses worldwide. Furthermore the visitor only needs to leave the email address to gain access to the free trial. TransferWise landing page examples TransferWise is an online bank transfer service that allows you to send money to people all over the world.

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The first section of the landing page is fully interactive and allows you to calculate how much the person will ultimately receive and also identify all the fees that are chard in this process. And then there are Phone Lead two CTA buttons one to compare how much you would save with this service and another to start the transfer process. This interactive model helps the visitor to understand the benefit that the TransferWise service can generate for him. Copy Cure landing page examples This is a good example of a page to use when your course is not currently available but you don’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the potential customer’s contact.

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