IDCamp Developer Challenge

Technological developments have become an inseparable part of human life today, including Indonesian society. Moreover, with the COVID-19 pandemic which limits outside activities, it requires us to carry out all activities from home.

Digital transformation increased significantly during this pandemic and affected almost all aspects of people’s lives, including working from home , studying at home for students and students, and even shopping transactions carried out online.

Indonesia to Become More Resilient and Grow

Supporting increased digital transformation, Indosat Ooredoo  ws number list together with Dicoding held the ” IDCamp Developer Challenge with the theme: Digital Millennials’ Work for Indonesia to Be More Resilient and Grow “. This activity aims to provide challenges to millennial developers in competing to create digital technology innovations (products) that can help and provide benefits to the lives of Indonesian peoplein ProvisioThis Developer Challenge is open to all Indonesian citizens (WNIParticipants who take part in this challenge must be registered for the 2021 IDCamp scholarship If not, register first via The form of the product created is not limited (it can be in the form of a mobile application, web or other technology)The platform for creating products is also not limited (you can use any technology or code stud

the challenge discussion forum

Kini perlahan profesi programmer yang semakin mengemuka, semakin dilirik oleh perempuan.  Annisa Tahira (25), programmer perempuan di bidang Front-End, adalah salah satunya.  

Sejak SMA hatinya sudah mantap ingin Phone Lead mempelajari IT. “Awalnya penasaran dengan aplikasi-aplikasi di handphone, kok bisa begini dan begitu. Ayah juga suka otak-atik komputer, install ini itu, akhirnya penasaran dan mau belajar lebih dalam tentang teknologi,” ujar Annisa. Seperti apa kisahnya? Mari kita simak.

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