Fear that you won’t be able to run your business

Fear that you perform military service in the active reserve on the days of this service. It is necessary for the soldier to appear for this service and to announce this fact in the daily order. Of the commander of the military unit; for a soldier to perform territorial military service on a rotational basis. It is necessary for the soldier to appear for this service and to announce. This fact in the daily order of the commander of the military unit. Amount of compensation for the employer The statutory limit on the rate of daily compensation.

Is of two and a half times the average

Monthly national salary in the quarter immiately precing the date of appointment to this service. To calculate the benefit amount: determine the daily rate of the benefit. Divide the costs indicat in the application for payment of the benefit by the number philippines photo editor of days. On which the service was perform number of days of absence the amount calculat from point. But not more than the statutory limit, multipli by the number of days of service in the active reserve or territorial rotational military service. The amount of compensation is determin by the competent head of the military recruitment center. The amount of the benefit is determin and paid each time.

To the employer respectively

For the period of territorial military service perform on a rotational basis or for the days of service in the reserve – for a given month of service. If a soldier is employ by at least two employers, the benefit is due to all employers employing him, in proportion to the Phone Lead costs incurr by them, taking into account the above-mention benefit limit for each employer. Application for benefit payment The application for the payment of a compensatory benefit is submitt by the employer to the head of the military.

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