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An digital Analyze and support decision making in daily operations. Enable a more effective risk management system . Develop talents and guarantee them a fair work space. After the announcement of this android as director there is an AI management strategy by NetDragon Websoft. With which he manage to combine two key elements for the company. On the one hand the management of the business and on the other hand the application of Artificial Intelligence . Impact of AI on the company Another interesting fact about the naming of the android Tang Yu is what this represents for the company. Its president.

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Committe to the transformation of the company and leads its international expansion. According to AI is the future of business management and this appointment reaffirms it. Under the premise of adopting the use of this photo editor technology to transform the business operation NetDragon Websoft promotes its strategic growth in the future. The intention of expanding its algorithms and building an open interactive and transparent management model seeks for the company to become a work community base on the metaverse and attract talent worldwide. The above according to Liu assure.

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If you want to know the trends in the use of emerging technologies and new advances such as the android keep reading! The future with emerging technologies NetDragon Websoft set a milestone with the implementation of its state-of-the-art technology. In addition companies Phone Lead and technology innovators will increasingly delve into emerging technologies such as the metaverse. This will make it easier for them to develop products transform their companies and help them reuce risk.

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