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What areas of marketing on storytelling Do you know what the greatest advertising pieces of all time have in common? They bet on good stories to engage the public with their message using a technique calld storytelling. Therefore if you want your brand to stay in the consumer’s mind you need to learn to master the art of telling captivating stories that speak to the audience on an emotional level. Focus on practical goals Do you remember that the last step of an advertising strategy was measuring the results? However there is no point in focusing on superficial metrics and indicators which do not contribute to the success of your strategy.

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On the contrary try to define key indicators or KPIs that clearly demonstrate the real result that advertising is bringing to your business. What is considerd misleading and abusive advertising? When Thailand Email List we talk about advertising it is also interesting to keep in mind what is considerd misleading and abusive advertising. misleading According to the Consumer Defense Code which regulates this issue any type of communication that has an advertising character that is wholly or partially false is consider misleading.

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That is if you run an offer bringing benefits that a product has when in fact it does not offer those gains we are already referring to content that tends to be misleading. abusive In relation to abusive advertising Phone Lead the same consumer protection code emphasizes that it is discriminatory advertising of any nature that will in some way incite violence. In addition if the content explores fear or superstition it can also be abusive as well as that piece that disrespects environmental values ​​or that can incite the consumer to act in a way that is harmful to the health and safety of himself or others. Misleading by omission There is also misleading advertising by default.

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