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Divide the audience into of Price on the other hand analyzes the relationship between production costs profit projection and the socioeconomic profile of the consumer. In turn the P for Square indicates which locations and channels will be usd to produce store and sell the product or service. But it is the Promotion P that interests us. It involves all publicity strategies designd to reach the target audience. And as you might guess that’s where advertising is. Therefore marketing seeks to understand the target audience and create strategies to reach it efficiently. And among these strategies is advertising. How to apply advertising in your business? As you can see advertising still has its place today.

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If done with proper planning it is capable of achieving very expressive results. If you want to apply this strategy to your business you need to follow a few steps which we have gatherd below. Know your client’s Tanzania Email List profile More than defining your target audience in order to carry out an advertising action it is important to know the customer’s behavior in depth. Thus you can define the campaign elements such as format language and channel. Choose the most suitable channels For an advertising action to be efficient it is important that the message reaches the target audience. And for that information needs to be disseminatd in the right channels the ones that potential customers are paying attention to.

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The presence of design thinking

There are several channels you can use such as magazines newspapers TV stations social networks email blog etc. Therefore try to identify which means are most usd by your client to ensure that your communication Phone Lead reaches the recipient. Highlight your product/service differentials Every day we are bombardd by thousands of advertisements. Because of this if you want to stand out from the competition you need to find innovative ways to grab the consumer’s attention such as an image or eye-catching text.

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