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You can study you need to understand who your persona is to identify whether they are in fact present on that channel: just because a platform has many users does not necessarily mean that your strategies will work. To elaborate actions on Twitter it is no different. It is crucial to identify the specificities of this medium in order to apply the strategies that will effectively be relevant to your reality. Learn more in this content! Index What is important to know about Twitter. How To Use Twitter For Marketing. How to put together a marketing action plan. What are the specifics of Twitter. How to ensure effective and strategic actions.

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Desktop version banner What is important to know about Twitter. First of all we will mention some data that can contribute to the understanding of this platform. Twitter is a social network that allows the St. Pierre and Miquelon Email List creation of short messages up to characters and helps people to publish their point of view on the most diverse topics in addition to sharing normal everyday facts. In total there are over billion accounts. However million of them are active. Every day around million messages are poste on the social network which demonstrates its potential.

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When we look at the year as a whole that’s over billion posts on average. Brazil is an important nation in the network. Today we are the fourth largest base. In January for example more than million Phone Lead people accesse the network. Today the country is only behind the Unite States Japan and India which respectively occupy the first second and third position. When addressing marketing strategies for the channel a very common question among teams is relate to the future of the network. After all when it was bought by Elon Musk controversial decisions were taken which puts the next steps of the platform in check.

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