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And see which items get the most share traction and in which region. Indicating where you should allocate stock. Tracking press coverage is also extremely significant find out which publications and regions are talking about your products the most. And find out what style. Or type of product it is. You can start to make predictions about how the public will respond and make intelligent decisions when it comes time to produce and allocate inventory. Leverage important voices collaboration with relevant influencers and celebrities for the campaign launch is essential when it comes to selling products. 82% of consumers are more likely to follow

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But they are also placing greater priority on how businesses operate across the entire product supply chain. The question is is there a way to maximize efficiency. Without compromising sustainability and unnecessary waste? The answer is in the data. Here are 4 ways companies can use data to become more sustainable analyze your audience understanding your audience is crucial to any marketing strategy. And it also translates into sustainability strategies. The more you know about your audience. The more you can predict their purchasing patterns. This can be done in several ways by analyzing your social media content you can see which products and campaigns perform best. Giving you an initial idea of ​​which products might b2b email list become popular. This post on reformation got much higher engagement than other outfit posts on their feed. You can also create a digital gallery before launching a collection .

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Consumers are increasingly attentive to the social and environmental impact of their purchases and consumption. And this influences their decisions on what and where to buy. Between the recent scrutiny that fashion and beauty brands have been subjected to. And the 32.000 kilometers driven by car during london fashion week alone . The public is starting to hold brands accountable. We are starting to see this shift with an increase in sustainable brands – the beauty industry generated $77 million Phone Lead in sustainabilityrelated miv®. While the fashion industry accumulated $40 million in miv. Consumers expect the same speed and access that the digital world has brought.

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