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So in addition to providing more educational information you can also make people stay longer on your blog. Example Also read our full post on how to sell on Instagram and increase your profit!. Subscribe to the newsletter Suggesting that a person subscribe to your newsletter moves them to another stage of the sales funnel. When she signs up for the newsletter it shows that she is really interested in the content you have to offer. Thus you can work your texts in more depth on the subject.

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Example Subscribe to our Newsletter and stay on top of all the news first hand!. Follow on social media A CTA can be an invitation for the audience of your texts to follow your brand on other social networks. With this people can get to know your brand better. Also you get to have more personal contact. After all having access to people’s social networks enables another channel of communication between you. Example If you liked this post follow us on Facebook and Instagram where we post other interesting content. Watch a video If you already have videos posted but they still don’t have many views the call to action can be great for driving more traffic to your channel.

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Suggesting a video that has content similar to your text is also very good for the audience. Videos are great ways to consume educational content. Example Watch the video below which complements Phone Lead the information you just read. Make a download You know those rich materials you produced? Offering them in the call to action is a very interesting strategy. Thus it is possible to show that you are an authority on that subject. In addition you can offer a preview of other materials that can be sold later. Example Download our spreadsheet for free and use it to control your marketing strategies.

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