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Create presentations intention is to generate impact and engagement. Than once in those who have shown interest in their products or services. If the name of this technique sounde a little strange to you dont be surprised. Surely you have already been the target of this strategy. When you visit an online store and forget an item in your cart it is common to receive an email reminding you that these products are ready for sale. Or as mentione at the beginning of this article when you see banners and advertisements on the internet for a product you previously research.

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These and other actions help to reactivate base customers encouraging them to take some action. How does remarketing work. As youve already read you can interact with people whove seen your ads or content Mali Email List on your site in a variety of ways. But do you imagine how this process is done. Before making your ad Facebook Google Ads or the network on which you have chosen to advertise must have information about the users who have already had contact with your channels. Therefore Facebook Ads Taboola or any other ad network provide tools for these people to be identifie before the creation of the ad.

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Below see two ways to run your remarketing campaigns and what you need to understand. Your email list The first way to provide data to ad networks is with an email list. On Facebook for example Phone Lead it is possible to integrate a spreadsheet with contacts of your leads and direct personalize ads to this audience. In this way you create one more interaction channel with them not depending only on opening the email but also communicating through Facebook. A practical example of how remarketing can be use for your email list is when an Affiliate makes a Facebook ad about a cooking product to your email list capture from your recipe blog. desktop version banner.

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