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Indirect and direct competition – similarities and differences Indirect and direct competition differ in that in the former case it may be easier for an outsider to identify competitors than for you. Business owners often have excellent insight into a narrow section of their industry. However, they no longer take into account broader phenomena – such as the zero waste trend , pandemic, political preferences. And they are the reason why customers can choose grocery shopping instead of entertainment, the bus instead of the plane, etc. The similarity that nees to be taken into account, however, is the price . If you sell dinners for PLN 30, apartments by the sea or matches are not commodities that compete with your industry.

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Clients are not looking for a penthouse by the bay OR a warm meal. Direct competition will be other restaurants that sell the same food at a similar price. Your indirect competition, on the other hand, is other goods and services for the same Latest Mailing Database price. These are dishes that can be made at home, physical activities that cost PLN 30 per hour or a ticket to the cinema. Aggressive communication strategy a takeaway manufacturer’s marketing campaign or a fantastic movie at the cinema can make your customers choose them instead of dining in a restaurant.

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You must take this into account when creating your own strategy and advertising message. Marketing goals determine by the SMART method December 20, 2020 Marketing strategy Community Blog Marketing goals is a term that will surely Phone Lead come up if you present your business plan or a new idea to someone. It’s worth knowing him. However, not only because a potential investor or business partner may ask about them, but also for themselves – they set the direction, and thus organize every activity undertaken in and around the company. What are marketing goals? Marketing goals – examples of good and bad goals Formulating a marketing goal in accordance with the SMART strategy Should a company’s marketing goals depend on the industry.

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