Some will stop at learning Jamie’s recipes and making them at home. Some will still want to try the “real” or “richer” version of the dish. It is worth emphasizing the uniqueness of the different variants of recipes on the menu. Food marketing can be base on even one recipe. The confectionery at ul. Górczewska in Warsaw, which serves the city’s famous donuts. When a journalist aske the owner about the recipe a few years ago, he heard that there was no money for which she would be willing to betray him. And rightly so! Very often the taste sensation is influence by the entire envelope around the product.

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Anyone who rave about wine for a few euros on an Italian beach knows this. The same wine transporte to Poland and uncorke at home was… lousy. We do not know whether this is also the case with the famous donuts from Górczewska. Perhaps if we whatsapp mobile number list knew the recipe, it would turn out that they are ordinary cookies. A trip to that one pastry shop, queuing outside, and tasting donuts that aren’t for everyone add up to a legend that has kept the establishment alive for decades. Using a product PR strategy , you can similarly influence emotions around your dishes. Recipes of dishes – to guard or to share.

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One of the biggest dilemmas is: is it better to share recipes with guests or keep them safe? Both solutions have their big advantages, and most restaurant owners are somewhere in between. The example of Magda Gessler’s culinary programs shows Phone Lead that a chef (restaurant) with a really rich experience does not have to obsessively guard his recipes. In place of the old recipes of dishes, he will always come up with new ones. In addition, the recipe itself is not enough and it is still the “something” that counts, which makes one dish work and another not. On the other hand, it would be a shame to openly share recipes of original dishes or regional delicacies.