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Prescribe and agree all when transactions increase money circulates and creates new opportunities. Think about selling electronics. By observing a more attractive price without the need to travel and with all the convenience of choosing from several stores the customer completes purchases more quickly. Increasing sales the industry produces more logistics companies invest more in warehouses equipment and the like. Whoever promotes the products also wins that is it is a true tsunami of good.

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The web also pave the way for countless types of productions such as ebooks online courses podcasts content platforms etc. And each segment has other branches. In this way there are countless Macau Email List differentials that sustain themselves making the Brazilian economy flow. Therefore everything indicates that the coming years will be even better in the digital market with increase advertising investments productions and sales. desktop version banner Second wave of digital transformation According to the Digital Transformation in Latin America report the last two years have been preponderant in accelerating the digitization process in the countries of the continent.

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Thus expectations are for the evolution of what is already being calle the second wave of digital transformation which will directly impact an even greater reach both in business and in the appearance Phone Lead of new unicorns. In addition the maturation of this scenario will lead to more investments mainly in new applications and more internet presence thus increasing the number of digital companies that explore innovations. exponential growth The study points out that the spee of change rose from. in to. in. In Brazil the advance jumpe from. to. but there is still a long way to go: in the Unite States this same index increase by in the same comparison. Therefore there is a scenario of ample opportunities ahead mainly in promising market niches.

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