Target the Right Audience for B2B B2B marketing

Make sure that you’re targeting the right users and don’t ignore those individual contributors that are playing a part in the sales funnel. Too often the focus is on the C-Suite or a specific position or job title. Find out who else is involved in the various parts of the sales cycle and target them with the right messaging. Another thing to consider in very long sales cycles is that the person you ignore now might be promoted in 12 months’ time. Which means you missed your chance to influence a decision maker. Have an Authentic Voice Across All Platforms.  A key theme that many speakers touched on during the summit was the importance for brands to remain.  Human and develop their own authentic voice for each platform that’s being used.

Don’t try too hard to be funny

Witty if it’s not you. Don’t try to force an emotional response or connection by creating an overly emotional campaign. If that’s not you. Audiences are smart, and they know when brands are trying too hard or being disingenuous. Take a stand about what matters to your brand or organization. Too often, businesses are fearful of offending or Denmark Cell Phone Number List upsetting a group of potential customers, however, having an authentic dialogue about topics that matter to you may bring you more engaged followers. Find Genuine Brand Evangelists. Not Paid Influencers In the era of Instagram models selling weight loss tea, teeth whitening kits and herbal supplements. It can be hard to stand out against all of these fabricated influencer campaigns.


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However it can also be easy

You’re finding the right people and you’re sharing an authentic message. Find genuine customers who are passionate about your brand or product. After that, Find people who are posting positive stories and messages about your products. Reach out to them personally and share their story on your own platforms. In most cases, there won’t even need to be a Phone Lead financial exchange, they will be excited that your brand wants to share their story. They will continue to talk passionately about your brand and spread the word organically. Structured Markup for Rich Snippets.  Those of us who geek out on search results, know that using structured markup. Where applicable, can help substantially in achieving a featured/rich snippet.

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