So what is a VPN? VPN stands

 encryption so that other parties cannot see the activity being performed. Therefore, VPNs are often used to connect networks between office buildings. But have you noticed that if you use a VPN, your connection becomes slower and more unstable? There are many factors that could cause this, such as server location, server load, and the type of encryption used. What VPN is for VPNs have other uses besides those explained above. Here are some of its uses: Transfer data securely The first use of a VPN is the secure exchange of important data. As mentioned earlier, VPNs can protect and hide user information by encrypting and encapsulating user traffic using a tunneling system. Because of this, VPNs can also hide user information in real time, so not just anyone can find it. Secure data exchange through encryption When you use a VPN to send 

Data your important data is protected

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 outside your region. Therefore, a VPN can be used to access regional content or websites so that you can open and use those websites. For example, when you visit the Reddit website. This website cannot be accessed from Indonesia.Tahukah kamu, kalau dulu Phone Lead proses pembuatan sebuah website terkenal sangat rumit dan memakan banyak waktu? Itu karena tidak adanya struktur paling dasar yang membantu para developer dalam membuat sebuah website. Namun sejak munculnya beragam framework PHP proses pembuatan website terasa lebih cepat dan mudah. 

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