Simple Interface and Clear Report From Sitebulb

According to experts, one of the main advantages of Sitebulb over Screaming Frog is the tool’s intuitive interface and clear report. Thanks to this, the program is very user-friendly, including those with less experience.

The report presents all detailed data and indicates problems with the website that affect SEO. Reporting is divided into a color system, with green indicating that everything is OK, yellow illuminating a warning light and red suggesting areas that require immediate attention.

The clear way of presenting the report results is very friendly and acts as a good motivator to make changes to the website and fight for its better visibility on the Internet.

More difficult to use and complicated report

The market alternative remains Screaming Frog SEO Spider, which still seems to be slightly more popular among Whatsapp Data users. This is another desktop website crawler, but it is more complicated to use and may cause minor difficulties for less experienced people.

If we are a beginner, Sitebulb may be a better choice to start with. Nevertheless, Screaming Frog has many advantages, thanks to which many users value it much higher than the competition.

Interestingly, the program is available in free and paid options. If users have small needs and the number of URLs crawled does not exceed 500, then using Screaming Frog is free.

Should you use the support of an SEO agency

Costs only appear when the number of URL addresses exceeds 500. Then a small disadvantage is that the license must be purchased immediately for a year, and its cost is £149 per station.

On the other hand, in the paid option, users receive three times more Phone Lead functions that can be extremely useful as part of an SEO technical audit. However, if we are looking for a solution for a while, then a monthly license from Sitebulb may be a better choice.

The better the audit, the more points for improvement we will find. Solving the problems will help the website gain valuable ranking points and improve its positioning in organic search results.

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