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Errors with the choice Recorder In general Screen Recorder has a very simple interface in addition to having advance recording features. And you can configure the cameras orientation and in this way use the audio recorder that is integrate into the application. But beware: as the name implies Screen Recorder only works on smartphones running Android version or higher. So if your cell phone has an update system it will not work. DU Recorder Now the seventh application that will help you to record your cell phone screen: DU Recorder.

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It can be downloader for free from the App Store iOS being a complete option since it has a built-in video editor option. So after making a recording you can make some adjustments like cropping inserting Zambia Email List texts adding background music etc. so as to make your video more attractive and enjoyable. In addition in this application there are options for streaming. For example on the main platforms on the market such as YouTube and Twitch. Also the functionality and features of the app are free however it has some paid plans which you can pay through a monthly or annual subscription. Makers Continuing with our list of apps to record your cell phone screen we have Maker an easy-to-use and very intuitive app.

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With it you can record for example a screencast gameplay or a meeting or make live broadcasts. The app has no recording limit and no watermark you can record both the system audio and the cell phone microphone. And besides it can also be use on desktops. QuickTime QuickTime is Apples video player that is it is only available for devices with the Phone Lead company’s mobile system. Therefore it has great integration with iPhones and iPads in addition to the possibility of accessing advance features. With QuickTime you can configure the recording quality and use external audio recorders to create professional sounding videos for example.

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