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What does a PHP integrate remarketing on your website copy the code and enter the <head<head tags of the website. The global tag needs to be adde to every page on the site. The event snippet can be adde to specific pages making it easy to track desire dynamic events. Click Done and on the confirmation screen click again. Creating a Remarketing List in Google Ads Thats it now that youve installe the tag you can create lists of users that will be impacte by your retargeting. Such as who accesse the pages of a certain product or made a purchase on the site.

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To use remarketing lists in Google Ads What does a PHP follow the steps below: Sign in to Google Ads. To open the Share Library click on the tool menu and then on Audience Manager. Click on Audience Lists. To create Montenegro Email List a list of website visitors click the plus button and choose Website Visitors. Creating Website Visitor List in Google Ads You can still use the app users YouTube users and customer list options. Then give the list a name and choose the List Members option from the dropdown menu.

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Here you can select a series of rules from the Visite Pages menu. Add conditions for visitor cookies to be collected. Adding conditions for visitor cookies to be collecte in Google Ads Define a Phone Lead value for the initial size of the list with the amount of visitors you had in a given period. You can also set a membership duration. At the same time you can choose how long each visitor will stay on your list. When the process is complete click on Create Audience. Ready! Now just use these lists when creating campaigns and ad groups in Google Ads. How to integrate your remarketing pixel on Hotmart.

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