Personal SEO or company website optimization

You shouldn’t be asking yourself this question if you are a business owner. Why? Because you need both! Your brand needs to have a good reputation, just like the people who create it. The gains you make in one SEO area should complement the other.

If the reputation of your name on the Internet is important to you, this is what you should focus on and build a personal brand. This will strengthen the activities of the companies you run.

Traditional SEO optimization and personal branding have a lot in common. However, there are several fundamental differences that characterize promoting one’s name on the Internet.

Create a database of specific information about

Note that you are not the only person in the world with this name. So, to avoid being confused, you need to properly optimize your content. Unless Whatsapp Database your name is Robert Lewandowski. Then you may have a serious problem, because this popular player will overshadow every other player with this name.

Personal branding SEO also often involves much more research than standard SEO , especially if searches for your name show negative information.

You may need to look through all kinds of social media mentions of yourself and other people’s content to find out why you are being criticized online.

Personal SEO or company website optimization

The results that Google and other search engines provide when entering a specific person are a large mix of data: social media accounts, company websites, profiles of blog authors and any content in which they are mentioned.

So where to start so that users see what you care about most in the search engine? Your Phone Lead own website is a great place to start your personal SEO campaign because you have almost complete control over what the user finds there. It should therefore be precisely designed, easy to use and complete. This means you need to take care of the following.

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