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Social media objectives? What goals do i have on social networks? If in a previous post we saw how to make a  plan , today we are going with one of its essential parts. How to determine the  objectives in social networks . It is important to define clear objectives on social networks to measure the success of our strategy . First of all, you have to know what objectives to measure in  to know if your work on social networks is working or not. Thus, we must define smart objectives , primary and secondary. Quantitative and qualitative in our actions. Let’s see: smart goals what are smart goals? Can you give an example? The so-called smart objectives mean that they meet a series of premises. Specific measurable achievable *relevant *timely therefore, the objectives must be able to be contrasted in a defined period of time. By which time we arrive, know if we have reached the objective , or on the contrary. We have moved away and we have to modify our  strategy.

Generate traffic to the website

The objectives of a plan are: 1- quantitative objectives : they are measurable and real quantities. There is a figure that Gambling Email List confirms reaching that specific objective, or not. For example, reach 3000 followers on twitter in the next 6 months. 2- qualitative objectives : objectives that are more difficult to follow, but of interest to a brand in its presence on social networks. For example, the brand image or the feelings of followers towards it on . 3- primary objectives : determine the most priority objectives at the time of validity of the current plan. 4- secondary objectives : that reinforce and complement the previous one, and help it in its fulfillment.

Increase brand awareness

Examples of Social Media objectives as objectives in social networks, we can set various types of Phone Lead objectives. 1- objective: increase brand awareness thus, we may want our brand on social networks to meet the objective of being more recognized on social networks. Metrics to increase brand awareness: -scope of our publications. -number of impressions. -views of profiles, photos and videos. -brand mentions. -number of shares. 2- objective: generate traffic to the website perhaps, our main quantitative  objective is to measure how much traffic we have from social networks to our website or websites, to our landing page, etc. Metrics to generate traffic to the website: -page views. -unique visits. -duration of visits. -visits from social networks.

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