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Unlike Promotion when you have to persuade a person to buy. That is communication is directly related to interactivity and the relationship you have with your customers. And social networks for example are among the main tools and channels to create this type of dialogue. After all through your pages or corporate profiles your brand can respond to customers generate engagement interact with them answer questions give tips provide valuable content and much more. Don’t think that communication only includes engagement on social media. It encompasses everything from creating to distributing content that is relevant to your audience.

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In addition it must be remembered that this interaction will always vary according to the consumer’s journey. After all at each stage the public needs a different approach and content. Therefore always keep Luxembourg Email List this aspect in mind when creating and defining your online actions and strategies. What about the Ps of Marketing? If the Cs focus on the consumer now is the time to pay attention to what you sell that is your product. That’s what the Ps of marketing are all about. And although this concept is still in the minds of many people who work with marketing strategies it doesn’t hurt to remind you right.

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Well the Ps of marketing also known as the marketing mix were elaborated by Jerome McCarthy based on studies by Neal Borden back in the s. And what do they mean? Product Price Place and Promotion. At the Phone Lead center of this concept is the product. That’s why he is the first of the four Ps. In addition to the merchandise or service itself this point is concerned with everything related to it such as packaging design warranty etc. The second P is Price. The value of the product and everything related to this aspect such as discounts financing and deadlines.

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