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Candidates identify with the brand, want to work with it, trust it.Territorial marketing for the commune, region, city December 18, 2020 Community blog Territorial marketing is the marketing of places: cities, villages and towns. Some countries attract tourists and secure budget revenues only thanks to it. There can be as many ideas for territorial marketing as there are places. Territorial marketing – definition Forms and types of territorial marketing Territorial marketing – examples of successful activities Territorial marketing in Poland How to conduct effective territorial marketing.

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Territorial marketing – how NOT to do it A way to change the image of the region Territorial marketing as a concept did not exist in Poland until our country joine the European Union. Then the funds came in. For the branding of communes and cities , territorial marketing, revitalization of less interesting areas in order to give them a new function. Some local governments have already manage to convince themselves that it pays off. Only by changing the image did the landscape of towns and villages change radically. From uninteresting places, it turne into thriving hubs full of new investments and satisfie tourists (and thus also residents.

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Below you will learn what territorial marketing is (definition, examples) and how to apply it in practice. We recommend Internal benchmarking, or how to learn from… yourself Territorial marketing – definition What exactly is territorial marketing? The definition says that it is “management aime at satisfying the nees and desires of residents and external stakeholders.” To put it simply, it is about building a city image that fulfills two tasks. On the one hand, it serves the goals or aspirations of the inhabitants. At the same time, it attracts tourists, investors and students. The objectives of territorial marketing in two different places may even be opposite: breaking with the image of an industrial town in one place and emphasizing the industrial character in the other.

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