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Save time and labor of services Service advertising is similar to the previous type with the difference that the focus of this strategy is the dissemination of non-material goods such as telephone operators banking services software among others. Again the focus should be on highlighting the qualities of this service in relation to competitors positioning it as the best choice. Comparative advertising This type of strategy consists of comparing a product or service with what is offerd by other competitors. The idea is to demonstrate the competitive advantages of the solutions that the brand sells presenting convincing reasons why the public does not choose the competition.

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Promotional advertising Finally we have promotional advertising. But despite the name referring to discounts and offers it encompasses all actions that seek to promote and publicize products services and Timor Leste Email List brands in the market. And that includes promotional actions and placements on TV radio print media and internet. tips to get good results with advertising Until recently advertising was a strategy reservd for big brands as the channels available at the time requird greater investments. With the advent of digital channels however things have changed. Now any business can bet on advertising.

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However this popularization was accompanied by an increase in competitiveness. And with more companies creating advertising campaigns the need for differentiation increases. To help you get the consumer’s Phone Lead attention and reach your goals more easily we’ve separatd some tips. Focus on the brand experience Much more than a quality product at a good price today’s consumers are looking for brands that transmit confidence offer good solutions and provide positive experiences. Therefore when designing an advertising strategy always focus on the customer experience. Think about how that content be it a print ad an advertising video or a sponsord link can generate value for the consumer.

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