It has long been said that the 2nd page of Google is where websites go to die

It has long been In this case, it’s the perfect place to run away together! JSON JSON, or JavaScript Object Notation, is a readable format for structure data. It is use to send data between a server and web applications. Audience / Market Digital marketers build target audiences for effective digital advertising campaigns. We add audience targeting to our ad platforms to reach people base on several factors, like their age, interests, habits, what they are actively searching for, or how they have interact with your business. This type of targeting boosts campaign performance by reaching people browsing the web. Sitemap A sitemap is a file that provides information to users and search engines about the location of webpages and other files within your website.

Feature Snippets

Feature snippets, also known as “position-zero” are sections of information in the search results that are feature on top of Google’s organic results list. They answer the user’s question without having to click through to the website the content is featured on. Popup Popups are the bane of our existence at Ontario SEO – unless they are Canada Mobile Number List execute wisely, they can be intrusive and contribute to a negative user experience. Love at First Site A saying well use and commonly known, except with a digital marketing twist. At Ontario SEO, we love a website with good user experience and SEO. We know one when we see it, and it is always love at first site. Cookies Website cookies are built to track and personalize user information in each session on a website.


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This allows companies

The ability to tailor their websites to you since you have previously visited. It also provides user behaviour data for the company to use to make business decisions. Keyword Keywords are the bread and butter of SEO. We optimize our client websites with keywords that have purchase intent, high search volume, and relevance to the business Phone Lead offering to achieve those lucrative 1st page rankings. IP Address An IP Address (Internet Protocol) is an identification number and address that is assigned to any device in a computer network using the internet. Optimized Page Speed Optimized page speed relates to how fast a web page renders for users and search engines. In 2021, website and page speed is becoming increasingly important with the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals.

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