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How to check Schwartz one of the highest paid copywriters of the s and s did not suffer from writers block. He produce hours a day days a week and couldnt deal with a lack of ideas for book writing sales letters and ad copy. His secret to not having writers block. Something very simple free and that you have easy access to. There are even studies that prove the efficiency of this resource to boost and increase your creativity. But what feature is this. Im talking about boredom. It may seem counterintuitive we know.

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That’s because the image of someone creative is someone who is always tune in to everything is energetic and does several things at the same time. But all of this may be precisely what is causing your Palau Email List lack of creativity. On the other hand research points out that boredom is one of the most efficient fuels to make people more creative. Eugene Schwartz knew this. He divide his work routine into periods of minutes and seconds and while the timer was running he follow certain rules such as: he could look at the window or the wall he could do absolutely nothing he could write he couldnt leave his chair and could do nothing else.

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The result is that after being bore for a few minutes he would start producing texts that turne him into one of the greatest copywriters of all time. But thats not the only way to use boredom to spark your creativity. In this Phone Lead article we bring you another practical ways to overcome creative block some of which are even proven by scientific studies. Index What is creative block. reasons why you have writers block techniques to stimulate creativity and overcome creative block Tools to help you overcome creative block No more creative blocks in your life! What is creative block.

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