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Constantly mixing the contents shared on the channel. Huda beauty influencer marketing if influencers represent the largest share of voice . The brands owned media are also fundamental to the value generated by the brand. The confirmation comes from the fact that the individual voice that performs best for huda beauty is huda beauty itself . The tone of voice that the brand used on instagram created a distinct brand personality and the captions appear authentic and sincere. As if there was a person. And not a brand. Behind the keyboard. Huda beauty uses its digital strategy to speak directly to its followers as if they were friends. Creating a relationship of trust that also involves the brands consumers.

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Huda beauty generated total miv® of $54.4m in june – $52m of which was on social media alone. The brand uses its instagram channel in many ways. Sharing usergenerated content. Beauty tips from huda herself and even memes and editorials. 3 to 5 times a day . On his channel. A lot of video content is also published. Which reaches an engagement rate 38% higher than static posts. Whether they are posted as instagram stories or in the main feed. Huda beauty generated total miv of $54.4m in june. This welldefined content business email list strategy translates into massive brand activity on the platform while maintaining a balance between product promotion and authenticity.

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Its 38.6m followers make it the most followed beauty brand on instagram . So its no surprise to hear that huda beautys digital strategy is impeccable. Founded by huda kattan. Who went from working in finance to becoming a makeup artist. It began as a premium lash  Phone Lead brand and has grown into a billiondollar business . Given that influencers represent the main source of media impact value ™ for the brand and that instagram proves to be the channel that generates the greatest value. We want to better analyze the digital strategy behind huda beautys success on instagram. #bbmoment the success of huda beauty on instagram which voices does huda beauty activate?

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