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What is it and where in an event for example. If you bring everything about the speakers and what each one of them is saying Stories are the best tool as it is something specific. Reels will already be available in your feed. Whenever someone enters your profile they will have the opportunity to view. In addition as with image publications it will appear on the home page of your followers. Who can see my Reels. If your profile is open anyone will be able to see your Reels. As we mentione he still appears on the homepage for his followers.

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If your caption has many hashtags it will also appear for those who follow those terms or for those who searcher recently. However if the profile is close only those who are already following your channel will Great Britain Email List be able to view it in the same way as with any other publication. Reels are NOT Before concluding that Reels is a mere imitation of read this post until the end! Stories on have become their trademark and we can expect the same from Reels. While the UI looks identical and audiences expect content at least in the beginning the similarities end there.

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Why business BI systems are need

Reels potential runs much deeper. Reels is not a standalone app and has no intention of using it that way. benefits of Reels in your strategy Reels is now part of the family along with your Fee IGTV and Stories. Only Phone Lead time will tell what role it will play among the apps other features but in this post were going to show you ways you your audience and can benefit a lot from this upcoming release. So stay with us!. It fits perfectly Social media apps have gone downhill in their categories over the years. Twitter is more for political debate and gossip.

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