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As the online store mogul had used a clever play on words and imagery to transform a blah page into one that makes you wag your tail. Design elements to avoid any errors on your 404-error page Make sure the page lines up with the rest of your site. A 404 page should not stick out like a sore thumb, but rather be an extension of your brand colours and design elements. A quick search Be bold and straightforward. Don’t over-clutter the page; choose one or two eye-catching images to define its look and feel. No scroll required. There’s no need to make them search here, so say goodbye to scrolling on this page. Admit your mistakes. Make it clear you’re admitting your bad and make it equally clear how you can fix it.

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Stay in-touch with your audience. Inside jokes are great, except when they’re not – like on a 404 page when a new customer may just think you’re out of touch with reality. Like a great 404 page, Ontario SEO can help you navigate your way toward a Australia Mobile Number List better web experience for your clients. Whether you’ve got a bad case of the 404s and need help optimizing your website, or you want to explore some cooler ways to leverage this page, we have all kinds of ideas that will turn what used to feel so wrong into something totally right. Although we are looking at how to make the best possible custom 404 page it would be wrong to leave it at that.


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SEO can help avoid people landing

Here is just another peak into how technical SEO can help avoid people landing on a 404 page. Check for broken links and technical errors. Review your website traffic to identify where people are coming from when landing on the 404 page The sad Phone Lead truth is people who reach a 404-error page are likely to leave your website and never return. Simply put, addressing 404 errors has a huge impact on your website’s overall performance. A 404 page can be your opportunity to show your brand’s personality and reengage an unhappy visitor. Use the 404 to direct your potential clients back onto the right path and help them find their way back.

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