15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017

15 Digital Marketing Trends in 2017. You really wanted to write this article and talk to you about the new digital marketing trends that this new year 2017 brings us, so that you can include some of them in your plans this year. Knowing the latest trends in digital marketing can help us use actions or strategies applied to our business that help us obtain greater visibility on the Internet and capture more leads, clients and sales. I have decided to segment these 15 new trends into 3 categories; SEO, Social Media and Blogging. This way you will find the trends you are looking for in a simple way and without having to read the entire article.

Maximum optimization of the mobile version of your website

15 Digital Marketing maximum optimization of the mobile version of your website. It is no longer enough to just have a website with a responsive design and adapted to mobile devices. Therefore, we have to fully optimize the experience of these mobile users. In addition, who will surely continue to grow and we must be sufficiently prepared. Start by taking the Google Mobile Optimization Test and follow all of Google’s recommendations to maximize the mobile user experience. Technical SEO will continue to be one of the most important job function email list  aspects to take into account if we want to position a website. To do so we must take into account the following recommendations, Optimize page speed.

Video Streaming Facebook, Periscope and Instagram

15 Digital Marketing video Streaming Facebook, Periscope and Instagram. I have to say that I am also delighted to use this digital marketing trend in 2017. Therefore, I started last year, I seem to remember with my friends Luis Villanueva and Víctor Martín. That we did a Periscope after finishing a digital marketing congress. In addition, and we  Phone Lead were approximately an hour talking about current topics of SEO. Social Networks and other topics. Now practically in almost all the events that I go to I transmit a piece of a conference from a speaker.

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