How Wondershare Filmora Works on PC and Mac Tutorial 2022

Are you looking for a How Wondersharetutorial? In this guide you will see how. Therefore, this video editor works and how to create and edit videos on PC and Mac step by step in 2022. If you don’t know which video application or editing software you can use to create content for your social networks, Filmora. Therefore, will become a great ally to accomplish your tasks. If you already. Therefore, know what Filmora is and what it is for , then now it’s your turn to learn how to use wondershare Filmora for your PC or Mac. 

2nd – Create a project in Filmora How Wondershare

Once the program is installed, we start industry email list with the Filmora tutorial. When you open the. Therefore, program you see two options to choose from: The first is <<create. Therefore, new project>> where you can select the aspect ratio you want for the new video. On the right you have another option called <<open project>> where it will direct you to those projects made with Filmora so you can continue working with them. And finally, to the right of the home screen you can see a small search engine to find. Therefore, the project you want to work on as soon as possible or access them through the << project library>> where you will see the latest work carried out.

3rd – How to edit videos in Filmora 9

Another very PRO option that Filmora Phone Lead has is the so-called green screen or Chroma Key so. Therefore, that a certain color of a clip becomes transparent. Ideally, this color does not appear repeated in the part that we want to be seen in the video. How to create Chroma in Filmora tutorial Check that the box is selected. Then choose the color you want to be transparent. Once that is done, modify the. Therefore, compensation, tolerance, edge thickness, and edge feather parameters that appear. Therefore, below to polish the transparency of the video.

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