Why Would A Customer Buy From You

Answering these questions will help you narrow down the general characteristics of your potential market — this is called market segmentation.

Large markets can be divided into smaller segments based on geographic, demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

This allows you to find out what groups they usually join, who they follow, their hobbies and interests, among other things. Know what problems they usually face and how your products and services can be the solution.

Set authority
Becoming an authority in your niche not only demonstrates your credibility and expertise, but also a certain method of making money.

Here’s how you can build authority

Share valuable content, insights and helpful tips
Be everywhere: Facebook groups, Instagram, use live streams and guest post. Remember, knowledge is power.
Support others! If you find someone with something in common, whether a great leader or small business, support their database cause through shoutouts, tags, and sharing. It’s also a great way to connect with people.
Advocate about your niche or share goals.

Your goal is to be the “one” people turn to when they want to ask something about your respective niche.

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Add value to your prospects
Social selling, at its core, is about creating and building relationships. People are already being bombarded with sales and offers on a regular basis — and traditional cold calling is no longer effective.

In fact, in a recent survey conducted by Inside View


over 90% of decision makers said they “never” respond to cold calls. Add that to a study by Baylor University where they found that the cold call success rate for an appointment was only 0.3%.[ * ]

Once you can connect with the right prospects and build your authority in your niche, engage and keep in touch with your prospects over time.

Observe the golden rule of engagement: Add Phone Lead value to their conversation or newsfeed.

While you keep your brand professional, show your human side by being lighthearted and talkative. Be transparent and don’t exaggerate your product or service.

People love genuine conversations more than canned sales pitches. Just focus on solving your customer’s problem.

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