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Why does that make You can stay on  The cool thing is that you can add people directly from their Linkin profile but also with their regular information if they are not present on linkin add candidates linkin recruiter . Candidate recommendations Once you create a Project in Linkin Recruiter Lite, it will recommend you candidates fitting with your search criteria daily basis. linkin recruiter lite candidate recommendation That allow you to save a lot of time on candidate sourcing. . Automation sourcing Another way to automate your sourcing is to save your candidates searches.

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Linkin recruiter lite Once your search is sav, Linkin seo expate bd Recruiter will notify you of new candidates matching your search criteria every week. Automatic candidate tracking is a game changer for any recruiter. . Job posting Another great time saver, you can post job offers on Linkin Jobs directly from Recruiter Lite linkin recruiter lite post job You can assign these job offers to specific projects so the people applying will directly be add into the dicat candidate pipeline. That way you centralize the candidates you get from outreach and the candidates you get from job offers? . Inmail and job post analytics If you plan on using Inmails for your linkin outreach.

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Inmail analytics recruiter They Phone Lead offer detai l analytics so you can analyze your performance and improve your linkin messages. Same thing for job posts, it will give you stats like apply rate or completion rate so you can improve your job offers. Linkin Recruiter: month Linkin Recruiter is an upgrade version of Recruiter Lite that offers more search filters and advanc integrations with Applicant Tracking System (ATS) linkin recruitier plan Linkin Recruiter Cost Linkin Recruiter costs per month. Or , per year if you pay annually. linkin recruiter cost Linkin Recruiter Plan With LinkIn Recruiter, you get all the features in Recruiter Lite Plus: Inmails crits Inmail bulks ending.

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