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Conversion is one of the most important terms in digital marketing. which should be known deeper than the surface. Conversion is the desir. function of the visitor and a measurable value. bas. on which the effectiveness of marketing is measur.. You ne. good conversion tracking for any size business and any type of website. digital marketing tells not only the current state of “where to go”. but above all where the resources are most profitable and how to develop the business comprehensively. So what does conversion mean in practice and how do you measure it sensibly so that the data guides you to concrete actions. I will delve into it in more detail in this blog. What kind of conversions can you m

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Don.t just use sales statistics already say. Use measurement data instead to identify areas for improvement b2b leads in the purchase path. Reliable measurement of the effectiveness of easure. Traditionally. conversion is calculat. as. among other things. viewing the contact page clicking on email addresses and phone numbers downloading brochures spending a certain amount of time on blog pages. Although. for example. measuring the visit time of a blog page may seem like a secondary matter. the so-call. micro-conversions. i.e

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Conversions and metrics MRACE® model As the name suggests . the Reach phase tells about reachability. At the wide beginning Phone Lead of the funnel. we are interest. in. for example. the number of visitors to the site. Even just an Impression. i.e. the display of an ad. is already a Reach conversion. The timeliness of traditional offer campaigns is announc. on popular pages with large banners. You don.t even click on the ad. but after work we go to the price ruckus. In the Act phase.

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