Where have viral media platforms gone

Where have viral meia platforms gone. Cinzia folli . 27 may 2022 viral multimeia platforms it seems like viral meia platforms are popping up everywhere now. Tiktok . Clubhouse . Lasso . Many of these social networks that were once fashionable. Now seem to suffer a sudden decline in popularity . Keeping up with these trends is difficult but necessary to maintain a large user base. Someone might ask. . Where are these social networks now. Which ones are worth investing in…Here’s what you nee to know about it! You might be intereste in. . Social meia marketing trends 2022. What are the challenges brands face.

Tiktok viral multimeia platforms in 2019

The app had more than 500 million monthly active users . Since then the numbers have double to one billion . Also in 2019. Important brands such as guess experimente latest database with tiktok to spread their video challenges. Other big brands also opte for tiktok in their marketing campaigns in those years. But in 2022 we realize that brands are struggling to be on tiktok . Invideo reports that 50% of the world’s top brands are not on tiktok . Including global giants like google. Ikea. And youtube. However . This does not mean that tiktok is cut off or is declining. Quite the opposite . In fact. The hubspot survey reveals that 65% of social meia marketers have chosen tiktok to increase their investments in 2022. 

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For growing your business on social meia! Tik tok viral multimeia platforms clubhouse release in 2020. Clubhouse appeare to be an exclusive Phone Lead club where you had to know someone to get in. And in a way it was. Clubhouse is an audio chat.Base app. When it came out. To enter you had to be invite by another user. But in july 2021. This process was remove. And admission was open to all. In february 2021. The app was only available on ios devices. Later becoming available on android the following may. However. In the year 2021 the popularity of clubhouse began to decline. Is marketing on clubhouse important. According to forbes .

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