“What is your greatest weakness?” How many job seekers fail to answer this question? It turns out that this is the best way to answer it!

Some interviewers like to ask candidates what their biggest weakness is . First, this is to see how the candidate evaluates themselves; second, it is to understand whether your so-called weakness is suitable for this position .

Here are a few examples to help you get an idea of ​​where to start

Remember, the most important point of this question is not to mention fatal shortcomings , that is, the shortcomings mentioned cannot be what the position requires and focuses on. For example, you are applying for an accountant position , and then Afghanistan Phone Number List you tell the other party that your shortcoming is that you are not sensitive to numbers. Do you think it is fatal? After mentioning the shortcomings, don’t wait for him to ask before you say it. You should immediately supplement and tell the other party how you have improved this shortcoming and the countermeasures to deal with it.

Companies you may be interested in

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 Not very good at rejecting others


In my previous company or during my internship, my colleagues occasionally asked me to help with things that were beyond the scope of my Mexico Phone Number List position. I was too embarrassed to refuse them, so I just took the job. This situation has affected my work efficiency a little, so that I need to work overtime to catch up. Aware of the impact of this problem, I am now learning how to improve this situation. When someone asks me for help, I will first analyze the workload and urgency of my work. If it is too tight, I will let the oth urgent matters before helping him. Doing this can greatly improve my work efficiency.

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