What is the Flat Rate for Self-employed

The flat rate for self-employed workers. Is a reduced monthly fee of €60 that self-employed workers pay to social security . It is paid during the first twelve months after the start of the activity. And can be extended in certain cases up to 2 or 3 years.

During the first year, this monthly fee replaces the general rate.
Also known as the ” self-employed fee ” for social security. Which amounts to €283.30 per month.

It was launched as a measure to promote

self-employment and thus support. Entrepreneurship. Although initially it was focused on young people under 30 years of age. It was later modified so that all new self-employed workers. Regardless of their age, could enjoy this reduced fee. The flat rate for self-employed workers in 2019 was increased Phone Number List from €50 to €60. And the first tranche of this bonus for new self-employed workers was also extended to one year.

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Autonomous flat rate requirements
Although when the flat rate for self-employed. Workers came into force in 2013, the requirements to apply for it were more demanding. In recent years the conditions have become more flexible. Currently this is how to benefit from the flat rate for self-employed workers:

It has to be the first time you register as self-employed

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Or not have been in the last two years.
If you had already registered as a freelancer in the past and you. Also enjoyed this reduced rate, three years must have passed since you unsubscribed for. You to be able to pay the flat rate again.
Those mothers who return to their professional activity. After a Phone Lead period of maternity leave can pay the flat rate. That is to say, they will not have to wait 2 or 3 years from when they unsubscribed as self-employed.
You cannot be an autonomous collaborator . Or an autonomous family collaborator.
You cannot have any pending debt with social security or the treasury.

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