We Usually Forget When We Build Funnels

I’m uploading one right now, because these things don’t stop me. To make matters worse, it rains and I remain as silent as I can. Just with me , thinking about We Usually the trip that awaits me. Therefore, about how much fun I’m going to have with the client I’m going to visit and about the obsession that crushes me with them: getting their clients to advance through the funnel … Therefore, Good morning! How are you? Good? I hope so! Me, you see, here, on the train telling you in real time a reflection I’m having about funnels and things like that . Happy, as you know, with my life as a “Knowmada entrepreneur”. Should I tell you more about it? I think so. Well, let’s get to work, I’ve already stolen enough from you with the intro.

Let's say we decide

For a change, to create a lead magnet and make a sequence of 7 emails. One a day if that. And now? Find the tool (or use the one that everyone uses, of course) and implement executive data the sequences . My mother! What tool do I choose? How do you do something or other with Active Campaign? What is this What until…? How to get the most out of this or another tool? Come on, let’s be brave. We put on a white coat, green glasses and investigate … Create new Automation.

Therefore, Pufff, well it’s easy. You just have to know a little bit of English. Mmmm, it will be this “Whait until”, now email. Wait, do I have to wait 1 day from when I send it to you or from when you open the email? Segmentwhat? How to configure funnels correctly? God save me from technology! And there we find what we believe is our blockage: technology .

We Usually And we ask

Therefore, we ask for help. We are looking for a “funnel configurator” to help us because our problem is that we do not know how to use Active Campaign . What do we Phone Lead put in the emails? More aggressive? Less? What tone? Well, it seems easy (but it’s not at all). We read a little about Copywriting, a little while with Maïder (how great you are), a little while with Pástor Andaluz (how great you are), a little while with Isabel Romero (loving friend). Therefore, I want us to discuss today? Well, there is a lot of talk about sales funnels, conversion funnels, funnels and all that lately. But do you know one thing? In many cases I have been asked about funnels that don’t quite work and I have always encountered the same problem : you think  about technology and move towards the sale. 

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